Love to Give

I have always had a heart for giving, so when I started my business in 2016 it was only natural to use some of the proceeds to help others.  In the early days I supported a sweet family in Guatemala who dreamed of opening a soup kitchen.  As my business grew so did the proceeds and it warms my heart to know that my small contribution in those early days did help to realize this dream. 

This is Eder and Carolina’s sweet little daughter who I have loved to support from that very first sale. The hesmarieH® TREASURE Collection supports their charity. They send me emails with pictures and updates from time to time. Because we speak two different languages we have to translate our emails. I love that modern technology makes it possible for us to bridge the gap of time, country, culture and language. To support this charity please visit DONATE NOW
To donate to them specifically you can specify the names Eder and Carolina in the instructions column.

With the release of my first fine jewelry line in the fall of 2018 my giving dream got bigger.  Encompass North West started with a group of moms who wanted resources for their special needs kids.  This small dream grew to a big non-profit organization that now has over 24 programs to support hundreds of families in the Snoqualmie Valley.  I am very excited to add this local charity to our LOVE to GIVE effort.

The hesmarieH® PIECE of my HEART Collection supports Encompass North West. This charity has changed the lives of families and children I know and love, which makes it very personal to me. To read more about this wonderful cause go to
To donate please visit

In 2019 I created the hesmarieH® Emperor Collection. I designed this exclusive for cruise lines going to Antarctica. Some of the proceeds of this Collection support 1% For the Planet fund. It is an honor to also help charities that take care or our planet. To donate to this charity, sign up here.

In 2020 I released the hesmarieH® Signature Collection. The proceeds of this Collection will benefit the Snoqualmie Valley Food Bank. Our local food bank support hundreds of families in the Snoqualmie Valley. To donate please visit Donate Now.

You can be a part of these stories and support the dreams of those in need.  Know that with every purchase from, YOU help to make a tangible difference in the lives of others.  Thank you to our loyal clients who have supported us in this journey.  To give hope to someone in need is one of life’s greatest privileges. 

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